HTC Arizona Mission 2013

In February HTC Arizona accomplished another successful mission. A team of 17 dedicated professionals traveled to the beautiful city of Cuenca in Ecuador.
For several months prior to the trip itself team members worked hard collecting, preparing and packing all the medical supplies needed for the mission. Anesthesia medications were generously donated by the pharmacies of Phoenix Children's Hospital and St. Joseph's Hospital. All other supplies were provided by several hospitals throughout the Phoenix area where team members are employed.
Upon arriving in Cuenca the team received a warm welcome by members from the Lion's Club of Cuenca who supported the mission, as well as members of the military. The team was then split to work in two separate hospitals, one group specializing in pediatric urology and the other in ENT.
On the first day patients were examined to see if a surgical procedure would be needed. While the doctors were screening and selecting surgical candidates, other members of the team went to prepare the operating rooms and the recovery rooms. Then for the next 5 days both teams worked long and hard to help as many children as they could fit into their tight schedules. By the end of the work week 45 patients had been operated on, receiving a total of 70 surgical procedures. All the children did well and they recovered without any complications.
At the end of the week the result of the team's efforts was celebrated at a beautiful restaurant to which the mayor of Cuenca was also invited, to present Healing the Children with a gratuity award for their services to the children of Cuenca. Of course Healing the Children recognizes that our missions could not be successful without the excellent professional skills of each team member, their loyalty to our organization and because of the collaborated efforts of a very supporting host county. Healing the Children wants to thank and recognize the team members of Mission 2013 for their extraordinary services to help make this mission another success story.
Dr. Don Headley, surgeon
Dr. Zach Zuniga, surgeon
Dr Gwen Grimsby, surgeon
Dr. Peter Bankoff, anesthesiologist
Dr. Rodrigo Llobet, anesthesiologist
Dr. Emili Parke, anesthesiologist
Candy Fradette, RN
Jackie Beals, RN
Katie Beals, RN
Beverly Stone, RN
Jen Casiaro, RN
Marie Lund, RN
Lizbeth Mendez, Scrub Tech
Mary Bankoff, assistant
Diane Scharpf, assistant
Bob Ricketts, translator and HTC assistant administrator.

HTC Arizona Mission 2013
HTC Arizona Mission 2013
HTC Arizona Mission 2013
HTC Arizona Mission 2013
HTC Arizona Mission 2013
HTC Arizona Mission 2013
HTC Arizona Mission 2013