Ophthalmology/ENT mission to Cuenca, Ecuador, Jan. 30-Feb 8, 2009

With fully loaded bins HTC Arizona sent an 11-member medical team to Ecuador. Dr. Brendan Cassidy, who headed the team, operated on eye related issue, while Dr. Don Headley performed ear, nose and throat related procedures. While in Ecuador the team was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club from Cuenca who provided lodging and meals for the team. The local hospital staff and the team developed a strong bond and were able to work very well together. The first day of screening seemed chaotic, as there were hundreds of people waiting to have their children seen. Although not all required surgery, over 150 children were screened that day (by just 2 physicians). Over the course of the next several days 32 children were operated on for ENT related issues and 27 received eye surgery, at no cost to the children’s families. The children that were treated ranged in age from 6 month to about 14 years old. All procedures turned out well. This mission would not have been possible without the generosity of those who provided supplies for the mission: Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Valley Anesthesia Foundation and Dr. Brendan Cassidy as well as all of the team members for their time, their expertise and dedication to children in need. The team included: Brendan Cassidy, MD; Don Headley, MD; Kelly Mc Queen, MD; Rod Silverman, MD; Jackie Beals, RN; Kimberly Klickovich, RN. Martina Garcia, RN; Cindy Grajeda, Scrub Tech.; Liz Flores, Scrub Tech., Chris Headley and Johanna Ricketts, HTC Admin.The team returned with wonderful memories and a desire to go back in another year.

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