Joint HTC/Chain of Hope Cardiac Mission to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Feb. 8-14, 2009

As part of an ongoing collaborative work between Healing the children, Chain of Hope and the Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia, a joint C of H/HTC cardiac team led by Arizona Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Michael Teodori flew to Addis Ababa, where they attended the inauguration ceremonies of CHFE's new Cardiac Center, and immediately put it to use, successfully operating on seven children that had long been awaiting this opportunity.

Joining Dr. Teodori from Arizona were perfusionist John McCormack, nurses Arva Byrum and Jennifer Smith, and Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist Suzan Miller-Hoover. Dr. Isabeau Walker, an anesthesiologist with Chain of Hope in the UK, completed the team. They worked closely with Ethiopian staff in a wonderful spirit of international cooperation.

Bob Ricketts, HTC Board President and longtime Chair of HTC's Ethiopia Project, was on site to attend the Cardiac Hospital opening ceremonies. Seeing how all the years of  hard work, all the generous contributions of funds from countless people in Ethiopia and around the world, all medical supplies and equipment so generously and caringly donated by individuals and organizations all over the world, now came together and translated into successful heart surgeries of beautiful children was very moving and heartwarming.

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