11 year old Francisco from Nicaragua Has Spine Straightened

Francisca is a bright and funny 11-year old from Nicaragua, who had a severe case of scoliosis.  After her surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital by Dr. Shindell, which gave her an amazing 60% improvement, Francisca was able to stand straighter, run faster, ride a bike longer, and not have to suffer from the headaches that were an every-day event prior to her major operation.  Best of all, she told her mother, “Mama, I don’t have to look down when I walk any more.  Now I can look up.”  Most of us take for granted not having to look down when walking, but for a grinning, Hannah Montanna skirt-wearing kid from Nicaragua, it was huge stuff!

Story submitted by Francisca’s host mom Jill

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doing-better-all-the-time doing-better-all-the-time
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