International Children

How HTC Is Making a Difference


HTC Arizona sponsors children from abroad who require extensive medical and surgical treatment for admission to the US. Once a child’s need is identified and free medical care is arranged, children are flown to Arizona, where they live with volunteer host families who care for them through their medical treatment. Once the children recover, and are healthy and strong, they return to their families in their home country.



We have already helped children from all these countries as HTC continues helping children around the corner… and around the world.

Cam Ly

Cam Ly from Vietnam was only 8 months old when her mother traveled 5 hours from their village to Ho Chi Minh aCity to see a group of doctors performing cleft lip and palate repairs. Unfortunately, she was told that Cam Ly had a heart murmur, which may be indicative of a serious heart problem. For this reason Cam Ly would not be a safe candidate for surgery. Her mother was so heartbroken and stayed the entire week at the hospital begging the team for someone to help her daughter. When a Scottsdale plastic surgeon returned home and told her story to her church members, one of HTC’s host families was in the audience and offered assistance. One year later at the age of 20 months, Cam Ly was flown to Arizona to have open heart surgery for Tetrology of Fallot, a fatal heart condition. She underwent two open heart surgeries at Phoenix Children’s Hospital by Dr. Michael Teodori. After a few months of recovery, she was able to undergo her cleft lip and palate repair by Dr. Stephen Beals. Cam Ly returned home in November of 2007 looking like a completely different little girl. Cam Ly’s host mom has seen her twice since she returned to Vietnam and is happy to report that Cam Ly is a thriving, energetic little girl.

camly2009 camly2009
camly-eating-chocolate-wit brother camly-eating-chocolate-wit brother
camly-on-arrival-in-us camly-on-arrival-in-us
camly-after-heart-surgery camly-after-heart-surgery


When Sindy came to Phoenix, she had just one mission on her mind: to undergo an operation on her spine and then to return home as soon as possible. Never mind that this was to be major procedure lasting of 6 hours long. With her strong-willed determination she managed to carry herself through it with bravery and courage, so much so that she became a favorite to her care takers at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Shortly after returning back to Honduras, Sindy wrote a lovely thank you note to Dr. Richard Shindell who had operated on her.




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